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Credit card, Debit card payments

Credit card, Debit card payments:

At the checkout/payment page, you can choose for a debit or credit card payment.

We accept at this moment:

Visa credit/debit card payments and  Master card, credit/debit card payments.


  • Choose for the option “credit card” and complete the 4 fields, mentioned below:

  • Field 1: “credit card owner”
    This field automatic contains the subscribers account name.
    Change the name in case the card you use have a different name.
  • Field 2 “credit card  number”
    Here you have to fill in the 16 numbers of your credit/debit card

  • Field  3 “credit card verification number”
    Here you have to fill in the 3 numbers of the back side of your card.
  • Field 4 “credit card expiry date”
    Select here the expiry date of your card,
    You can  find this date on the front side of your cart.

  • After completing the 4 fields, you can finish your payment by clicking the “continue” button (right below)