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Bitcoins, how it works

seedshop accept bitcoins

Paying with bitcoins is not difficult but just a little different.

The great benefits of using bitcoins are:
• Its safe!
Paying with bitcoins is anonymous. Authorities cannot link our shop or products to your payment!

• It´s Cheap!
Using bitcoins is one of the cheapest ways to pay because of the low charged fee

• Pay with any desired payment-method.
The many Bitcoin vendors mostly offer a large range of local payment-methods to buy the bitcoins.
So if we don´t offer the payment-method you desire, Bitcoin probably do.
After that, you can checkout our shop and pay with bitcoins.

• Fast
If you need bitcoins to pay your order
you can have a fully loaded wallet within 10 minutes.

Creating your wallet:

First you need to setup your own bitcoin wallet.
This is very easy to do by one of the many wallet-providers.

Tip: Here you can setup a good wallet within 5 minutes:

seedshop headshop accept bitcoins

Upload your wallet:
Once you have your own wallet, you need to buy some bitcoins to fill your wallet.
This you can do by any of the many bitcoin-traders.

Tip! this is a popular bitcoin-trader with many payment options:
An online payment can take less than 2 minutes here.

seedshop seedshop accept bitcoins

Now you have a wallet containing bitcoins, you are able to pay at every shop that accepts bitcoins.

Paying for your order with Bitcoins:

The only thing you need for your order, is an address to sent the bitcoins to and the amount in bitcoins. You can find those details during your order and in the confirmation email we send to you.

Address: 1H2SngxUhP9evRXfthWubbBr2Cx59JJsd3
Amount: 0.02395739 BTC

Next you need to go to your bitcoin wallet and send the amount of bitcoins to this address.

seedshop growshop accept bitcoins

Thats all!
After we have received this payment, we will process your order and ship the products as soon as possible.