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Afghan feminized cannabis seeds:

One of the oldest strains of the world is Afghan feminized cannabis. This strain is almost completely disease resistant. Afghan feminized cannabis is also used for the production of hashish from Afghanistan. Afghan feminized cannabis seeds are suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced growers.

  • Genetics: 100% Indica
  • Growing: indoor 2 weeks/ outdoor 7 weeks
  • Flowering: indoor 9 weeks/ outdoor 11 weeks
  • Harvest outdoor: end of September
  • Yield: indoor 375 grams- 12.5 ounces per sq. meters/ outdoor 500 grams- 18 ounces per plant
  • Height: indoor 75 cm- 24 inch/ outdoor 220 cm- 80 inch
  • Effect: very strong physical effect  
  • THC level: strong (20%)
  • CBD level: high
  • Quantity: available in 5 seeds and 10 seeds

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