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This crossing of Lowrider and AK47 is especially suitable for countries in northern Europe and northern America. AK 47 XTRM autoflowering cannabis seeds grow very well on your balcony or patio. When you let it grow for 2 weeks it will only needs about 50 days of flowering, give a day or 2. So it is possible to get 2 yields in one year. The sticky buds full of resin give you a mind-blowing high which gives AK 47 XTRM autoflowering cannabis seeds his name.

  • Genetics: Indica/ Sativa hybrid
  • Growing: indoor 2 weeks/ outdoor 2 weeks
  • Flowering: indoor 7 weeks/ outdoor 8 weeks
  • Harvest outdoor: August (possibility to de multiple cycles up to November)
  • Yield: indoor 80 grams- 3 ounces per sq. meters/ outdoor 90 grams- 3,5 ounces per plant
  • Height: indoor 60 cm- 24 inch/ outdoor 75 cm- 30 inch
  • Effect: easy going and relaxing high
  • THC level: medium (15%)
  • CBD level: medium
  • Quantity: available in 5 seeds and 10 seeds

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